Band Linebar Resaw

Vertical Linebar Resaw

Vertical Linebar Resaw

Components of the Mellott Vertical Linebar Resaw

  • Mellott 6 ft or 7 ft Vertical Bandsaw with linebar attachment
  • Booth layout designed to give optimum view for two operators
  • Controls package with PLC programing synchronizing material flow 
  • Drives are Sumitomo Cyclo type offering quiet, efficient and reliable operation
  • Custom mill designs

The Mellott Vertical Linebar Resaw includes a system of seamless conveyors to maximize production:

Infeed Transfer:

  • Transfer deck with 81X "H" heavy chains
  • Formed UHMW chain guides
  • Cant turners
  • Sequencing stops, air operated

Infeed rollcases are provided with heavy steel frame, rolls, shafts and bearings:

  • Roller chain driven with split taper bushings or belt driven with QD sheaves and bushings for quieter operation
  • Lift chain strands mounted between the rolls
  • Linear fence with setworks
  • Thin stock lifting device

Outfeed rollcase built with quality drive components and the same heavy design as infeed:

  • Heavy duty rolls are machined for a faster smoother transiiton of material, all driven
  • Double set of jump chains with drives and 6 way solution
  • Splitters can be controlled by air or hydraulic lift
  • Last roll bonded

Outfeed transfer:

  • Transfer deck with 81X"H" heavy chains
  • Sequencing stops, air operated
  • Formed UHMW chain guides
Resaw Infeed Rollcase, Lift Chains, Linear Fence, Thin Stock Lifting Device
Infeed Transfer with 81X Heavy chain, Sequencing Stops
Resaw Outfeed Rollcase, Jump Skids both directions, Board Splitters with 6 Way Solution
Booth layout designed to give optimum view for two operators
We have an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to customize our products and to design systems in order to provide the best options for your application. Email or call 717-369-3125 to speak with us.
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