Sawmill Turntables

Sawmill Turntable

Sawmill Turntable

The Mellott Sawmill Turntable can be placed at the end of live rolls or belted section to receive lumber that has been gang sawn. The lumber is then pulled from the turntable for secondary operations or stacking. These turntables can be used in mills where pallet lumber is being cut and provide an economical method of collecting gang sawn material.

An optional adjustable base is available. This base is adjustable in the horizontal position and permits the turntable to be pulled away from the rolls to allow longer lumber to be fed onto the turntable.

Turntable Brochure
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Main Product Components

Turntable Diameter:12 ft., 10 ft., or 8 ft.
Height:33" Standard, 28" Minimum
Speed:1.5 RPM
Drive:Dodge Tigear Reducer with 1 HP 1800 RPM Motor
Shaft:2-15/16" Diameter
Base:Adjustable Base ( 24" Horizontal Movement)