Chain-Type Conveyors

Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor
  • Customized to your required width and length
  • Built with 81X Heavy/Heavy chain with formed flights to handle rugged conveying applications
  • Chain runs in tracks in horizontal and curved section
  • Chain is open on the incline section.
Chain Conveyor Brochure
Built extra heavy with 81XHH Chain and Sumitomo Cyclo Drive
We have an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to customize our products and to design systems in order to provide the best options for your application. Email or call 717-369-3125 to speak with us.

Main Product Components

Length and Width:As Required
Chain:(2) Strands, 81X HH (Heavy Heavy) Chain with Formed Flights
Chain Returns:2-1/2" Tube Rails with UHMW Wear Angle
Trough:Formed 1/4" Plate
Take Up:1-15/16" Wide Slot Bearings
Heashaft:1-15/16" Diameter
Drive:Sumitomo Cyclo Reducer with 3 hP TEFC C-Face Motor