Bark Conveyors (Barn Cleaner)

Bark / Chip Conveyor

Bark / Chip Conveyor

The Mellott Bark and Chip Conveyor is built to handle bark, sawdust, chips, edgings and more. 

  • Trough – 10 Gauge Formed Trough, 43” Wide Inside x 11” Deep
  • Chain - 14 x 50 MM Round Link Deep Case Hardened with Shackled flights
  • Sprockets feature forged and through-hardened teeth built from top-grade carbon steel to offer long wear life, resist abrasion, and withstand heavy shock loads. The integrated hubs are made from high-quality carbon steel and remain ductile to avoid negatively affecting the bore, thereby reducing wear and stress on the shafting. The sprockets are designed hand-in-hand with the chain to ensure complete and correct engagement, thereby ensuring the longest possible life.
Bark Conveyor Brochure
Heavy Duty Drive, Shaft and Sprocket
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90 Degree Turn Assembly
180 Degree Tail Assembly
Idler Assembly for Transition from Horizontal to Incline
Electric Drive
Hydraulic Drive
Custom Flights with UHMW attachments

Main Product Components

Drive Sprocket:6 tooth hardened sprocket with Q1 bushing
Drive Shaft:2 7/16" diameter
Flights:2"x2"x1/4" angle
Chain:14x50mm case hardened round link chain
Idlers:Case hardened steel


Special:Sumitomo helical bevel reducer with 3hp or 5hp TEFC motor
Hydraulic Drive:Eaton 6,000 series hydraulic motor with RC100 roller chain
Concrete Trough Mount:Formed 10 gauge plate
Bark/Chip Conveyor Brochure
MELLOTT - Bark/Chip Conveyor and Troughing Idler Conveyor
MELLOTT - LMR Debarker / Resaw Run-Around Systems - Green Tree Forest Products - Wallingford KY
MELLOTT - Bark Conveyor

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