Sawmill Metal Detector Conveyors

Whole Log Metal Detector Conveyor

Whole Log Metal Detector Conveyor

The Mellott Whole Log Metal Detector Conveyor is designed to convey logs lengthwise through a metal detecting coil.

  • Manufactured primarily with the MDI whole log metal detector surround system
  • The 3/8” formed plate trough has sloped sides. The sloped sides keep the log centered, helping to prevent jams when transitioning to the downstream conveyor.
  • The sides are extended up vertically above the sloped sides to help prevent the coil from being damaged by crooked logs.
  • Drive options include a c-face electric motor with speed reducer or a hydraulic motor. Both drives use a 140 roller chain to connect to the drive shaft.
  • A separate sub-frame is supplied for most metal detecting coils.
  • Metal detector belt conveyors for cants and timbers are also available.
Metal Detector Conveyor Brochure
Conveyors are shipped fully assembled and tested at our factory
We have an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to customize our products and to design systems in order to provide the best options for your application. Email or call 717-369-3125 to speak with us.
Belt Conveyor with Electric Drive / Hydraulic Drive Optional

Main Product Components

Length and Width:As Required
Frame:W8 x 24 Beam
Trough:Formed 3/8” Plate
Drive Pulley:24” Diameter Heavy Wall, Lagged
Tail Pulley:24” Diameter Heavy Wall
Drive Shaft:3 7/16” Diameter
Tail Shaft:2 15/16” Diameter
Bearings:Anson Urethane Lined Sleeve Bearings
Belt:3 Ply 330, 18”, 24” or 30” Wide (as required)
Speed:115 FPM
Wear Plate:UHMW Wear Strip Under The Belt


Special:Sumitomo Cyclo Speed Reducer (size 4165) With 10 Hp Motor
Hydraulic Drive:60 Cu. In. Motor with 140 Roller Chain
Whole Log Metal Detector Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor through Metal Detector with Mellott WD120 Log Trough

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