Lumber Pressure Rolls

Overhead Gravity Pressure Roll

Overhead Gravity Pressure Roll

The Mellott Overhead Gravity Pressure roll is used behind a rip saw or planer to assist the feed of lumber onto a rooftop transfer.

Overhead Gravity Pressure Roll Brochure
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Main Product Components

Sizes:Standard: 24”, 36”, 48”. Custom sizes are available. (Recommend 6” wider than planer or rip saw)
Rolls:6-5/8” OD with 1-7/16” shafts and bearings
Height:34” +/- 1” with adjustable feet


Special:Sumitomo reducer with 2 hp Motor
Special:2 hp Variable Frequency Drive (speed - to be determined)
Electronic Sensor:Air cylinder, valve and electric eye. Life expectancy of the overhead gravity pressure roll will be enhanced if the electric eye lowers the top roll onto the lumber as opposed to the lumber driving the top roll open.