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LMR Debarker - Metal Detection - Log Turners - Bandsaw Headrig - Grade Resaw Systems

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Band Headrig, LMR Debarker, Conveyor Systems - Hoffman Brothers Lumber, Richfield, PA
LMR Debarker / Resaw Run-Around Systems - Green Tree Forest Products - Wallingford KY

Products Used in this System

Mellott LMR 48" Debarker operating as a butt reducer

Stoltzfus Forest Products - Peach Bottom, PA


The mill operations start with a Mellott 48-inch LMR rosserhead debarker. It is operated as a butt reducer to trim the logs for better flow through the mill, said Benuel Stoltzfus. The logs are debarked with a Nicholson R2 ring debarker and then travel through a Mellott MDI metal detector belt conveyor and decks.

Photos / Videos

Debarker Butt Reducing System - Stoltzfus Forest Products, Peach Bottom, PA