Hourglass Rollcases

Hourglass Rollcase

Log Conveying Equipment - Hourglass Rollcase


The Mellott Hourglass Rollcase is designed to move logs lengthwise.

  • They can be equipped with kickoffs to the right, left, or both sides.
  • The kickers are available with automatic or manual controls.
  • The kicker functions can be configured for either air or hydraulic operation.
  • Drive options include electric motor with foot mounted speed reducer or a hydraulic motor using a chain drive.
  • The hourglass rolls are 8" diameter heavy wall pipe weldments with 2 15/16" diameter shafts, 3/4" thick end plates and spokes.
  • The hourglass rolls are 36" face with an 18" major diameter and a 9" minor diameter.
  • Heavy duty sleeve bearings and RC100 roller chain is used for all rolls.


We have an onsite engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to provide the best options for your application.


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Main System Components

Frame:S8 x 23# Beam with 16" x 8" x 1/2" Chain Enclosure
Rolls:8" Heavy Wall Pipe Weldments with 3/4" End Plates and Spokes
Roll Shaft Size:2-15/16" or 3-7/16"
Bearings:Heavy Duty Sleeve Bearings
Sprockets:DS100R17 with R1 2-15/16" or 3-7/16" Bushings
Chain:RC100 Roller Chain


Special:Sumitomo Foot Mounted Cyclo Reducer with TEFC C-Face Motor
Hydraulic Drive:Eaton 10,000 Series Motor with 120 Roller Chain
Speed:115 FPM
Kickoff:6 Arm, 1-1/4" Flame Cut Plates
Air Kickoff:(2) 5" x 12" Cylinders per Kicker
Hydraulic Kickoff:(2) 2-1/2" x 12" Cylinders per Kicker
Hourglass Rollcase