Husk Mounted Offbearers

Husk Mounted Offbearer

Conveying Equipment - Belted Offbearer

The Mellott Belted Offbearer will move slabs, cants and lumber quickly and safely from the headsaw.

Fully assembled and ready to install, this offbearer will fit any mill with 2-1/4" clearance from highest point of saw mandrel bearing to height of headblock.

The Mellott Belted Offbearer is equipped with a board tipping attachment and our curved splitter blade.  The splitter blade is adjustable for use with saws from 48" diameter to 60 diameter.

The offbearer can be driven from downstream roll sections or optional drive can be mounted to offbearer. Offbearer may also be driven from saw mandrel.

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Main System Components

Distance required from sawline:
18" Wide Belt:24-1/2"
22" Wide Belt:28-1/2"
24" Wide Belt:30-1/2"
Drive Shaft:1-7/16"
Drive:Optional 2 HP Electric
Pulleys:5-1/2" Diameter
Conveying Speed:250 FPM
Mellott Offbearer for Bandsaw