Mat Drilling Machines

Mat Drilling Machine

Mat Drilling Machine

The Mellott Mat Drilling Machine is an efficient way to drill timbers for crane mats that will carry heavy equipment such as logging equipment, cranes, and other equipment used in utility and construction projects.

  • Includes: (2) Drill Units with Bits and Counterbores powered by 7.5 HP TEFC motors
  • Mechanical Raising, sets drill height from 3" TO 6" above rolls
  • Hydraulic Cycle of Drills, Hydraulic Timber Clamps, 15 HP Hydraulic Power Source Automatic Controls includes:(1) PLC with Programing with touch screen interface and sensors
  • Operator will select on the touch screen the timber length and configuration (Counterbore either side, no counterbore, offset, etc)
  • Conveying system will automatically advance timber through drilling station
  • Will handle timber sizes 6" X 6" up to 12" X 20"
  • Rollcase - 8" Diameter, 1-15/16" diameter shaft and bearings
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