Jump Skid Transfer

Jump Skid Transfer is an economical unit for delivery of lumber to edger or resaw. It also has the capability of allowing lumber to pass over the roll section to other rolls, bypassing the edger.

  • Remote control is provided for the operator (sawyer or edgerman)
  • Foot switch activates stop gate which halts forward movement of lumber
  • Transfer chains automatically raise, moving lumber from roll section to transfer
  • Sequence can be repeated for each piece of lumber or control may be locked in position so that every piece of lumber will be moved by the transfer to the edger
  • A remote, fully automatic, self-canceling, push-button control system is available as an option
  • Transfer section has its own drive and the roll section can be driven from an optional, drive or from adjacent live roll sections
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Belt Driven Rolls
Chain Driven Rolls

Main Product Components

Roll Diameter Standard Options:(Custom Sizes Available)
Standard Duty:6-5/8" Diameter x 24" Face with 1-7/16" Shafts
Medium Duty:8-5/8" Diameter x 30" Face with 1-15/16" Shafts
Heavy Duty:10-3/4" Diameter x 30" Face with 2-7/16" Shafts
Bearings:Rexnord Piloted Flange and Pillow Block Bearings
Height:Standard 32" Top of Rolls
Electric Drive:Sumitomo Cyclo Reducer with 3 HP, 5 HP or 7 HP TEFC Motor (as required)
Hydraulic Drive:Eaton Hydraulic Motor with Browning RS7Q Coupling


Roll Drive Options:
Chain Driven:RC60, RC80 or RC100 Chain with Double-Single Sprockets and Taper Lock Bushings
Belt Driven:V-Belts with Fenner Belt Tensioners and TB Woods Sheaves and Bushings
Custom rolls built into our Mat Drilling Machine