Sawmill Bandsaws / Band Headrigs

Model M-640 Sawmill Bandsaw

Model M-640 Sawmill Bandsaw
  • Cast top wheel with oversized bearings and shafts
  • Round ways for the top guide with no lube bearings. No more adjusting gibes, oiling or replacing wear strips.
  • Oversized jacks for raising the top wheel.
  • 8” diameter nitrided support tubes
  • Top wheel scraper tilts and moves up and down with the top wheel. It’s always in the correct position. Our scraper blades are straight so you can reverse them when one side wears out.
  • Extra heavy frame and columns
  • The lower wheel is keyed and bolted. All alignment adjustments are made at the top wheel
  • Bolts to adjust level and bolt the machine down are on an exterior gusseted frame. Easy to access and use
  • Easy access lower guide adjusting bolts, are adjusted from the front of the guide.

Will be available as Band Head Rigs or Band Resaws with Linebar Attachments.

Bandsaw Brochure
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Top wheel scraper tilts and moves up and down with the top wheel.
Column support tubes are 8" diameter and nitride coated. All alignment adjustments are made at the top wheel.
Lower wheel uses rail car bearings. Bearing housings are keyed and bolted.
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Heavy-duty offbearer constructed of 3/4" flame cut plate. 8" diameter heavy wall machined pulleys with 1-15/16" shafts.
17 Degree Slant Band Headrig, Soapstone Sawmill, Peach Bottom PA

Main Product Components

Bandsaw Blades:12" x 40 Ft.
Base and Columns:Heavy Duty Base and Columns, Combined Weight is 10,000 Lbs.
Upper Wheel:72" Diameter Cast Ductile Iron with Spherical Bearings
Lower Wheel:72" Diameter Cast Ductile Iron with Timken AP Railcar Bearings
Upper Wheel Guides:8" Diameter SBN (Salt Bath Nitrited) Treated Guides
Upper Wheel Lift:(2) 10 Ton Worm Screw Jacks, Hydraulically Driven
Upper Wheel Tilt:(1) 10 Ton Worm Screw Jack with 3/4" HP Electric Motor
Strain:Eccentric Type Air Tension with Safety Spring
Saw Guides:Cartridge Type Upper and Lower Pressure
Wheel Guard:Pivoting Upper Wheel Guard, Hydraulic Operated
Upper Guide Travel:Hardened Round Ways
Upper Guide Control:Manual with Hydraulic Cylinder
Assembled Weight:24,500 Lbs.
Includes:Air Filtering and Pressuring Control System for Strain
-:All Hydraulic Valves, Flow Controls, Etc for Saw Functions
-:Pushbuttons, Switches, Etc. for Lift, Tilt and Shield
-:Guide Block Dressing Machine
-:(Does not include Starters)
Mellott 6 ft. Bandsaw
Bandsaw with Offbearer feeding onto Mellott Drop Belt and Rollcase, Yoder Lumber Co., McAlisterville, PA
Installation Augusta Lumber Co., West Point VA
MELLOTT - 6' Band Headrig & #7 Log Turner - Big Mountain Lumber, Allenwood PA
MELLOTT - 6 ft. Bandsaw
MELLOTT Band Headrig, LMR Debarker, Conveyor Systems - Hoffman Brothers Lumber, Richfield, PA
MELLOTT - 6 ft. Bandsaw Tilted 17 Degree - Soapstone Sawmill, Peach Bottom, PA

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