Sawmill Controls

Measurement Display

The display can be mounted for the operator to see it with ease. It can display 2 lines giving the operator both dimensions of the cant being sawed. The sensor is mounted directly above the turner/stops and continually reads the dimension. The dimension is displayed by moving the joystick to the right. Each time the stick is activated the display will change to reflect the new measurement. This allows the operator to select the correct saw set for more accurate lumber.

The heart of the system is an Allen Bradley Controller and a Banner Ultrasonic sensor. These controllers have been used in many mill applications and have a reputation of being extremely reliable. The enclosure is rated to NEMA 12 standard and all wiring is NEC compliant.

The control cabinet can be located anywhere it is convenient. It requires 120 V supply power. It must be connected to the display, a momentary switch for activating the measurement to be displayed, and the sensor. There is a calibration knob and an indicator light to ensure the system is properly calibrated prior to each day of operation. This provides a quick check to the operator for system accuracy.

Measuring System
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