Tie Dappers

Bridge Tie Dapper

Bridge Tie Dapper

The machine permits a single operator to dap ties with straight or angled cuts.

It features a captain’s chair fitted with joystick controllers with push buttons to control all functions, which allows the operator to easily move the head side to side and forward or back. 

Each head has laser guide lines showing the edges for the cut and a digital readout for height and cut above the rollcase.  A laser light projects a line on the tie to show cutting depth and angle. 

A heavy-duty frame is totally enclosed with large viewing windows for operator and has removable access panels and hinged doors for ease of maintenance. 

It includes an 8-inch infeed roll case and screw conveyor waste system.  The two dapper heads are powered by 25 hp and 5 hp TEFC motors. 

The systems include a 15 hp variable volume hydraulic-power source. 

The Mellott Bridge Tie Dapper systems are custom designed as required. 

Includes Infeed Rollcase and Controls
Operated by Electric Drive
We have an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to customize our products and to design systems in order to provide the best options for your application. Email or call 717-369-3125 to speak with us.