Unscrambler (Type 2)

The Mellott Type 2 Unscrambler is designed to deliver boards or cants to other operations after package breakdown.

This Unscrambler can be used as a basic unscrambler or can be equipped with optonal 24" outfeed chains with 81X or 78 UHMW rolltop chain.

It can also be combined with the even-ending module which can be attached to the basic unscrambler.  This module will even-end cants or boards for further operations such as grading or trimming.  The Optional 24" outfeed can be equipped on the even-ending module.

The Mellott Unscrambler is part of our System designed to efficiently break down packages of cants and lumber and feed them to cut off and resaw operations.  This system consists of a Package Deck, Uscrambler and Outfeed Conveyor.  The total system can be operated from a remote point, which eliminates labor for breaking down packages to feed to other operations.

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Main Product Components

Infeed Height:43-3/4"
Outfeed Height:44"
Headshaft:1-15/16" Diameter
Drive:Sumitomo Cyclo Reducer with 2 HP C-Face Motor
Unscrambler with Rolltop Chain Outfeed