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Model 7 Log Turner
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Mellott Model 7 Log Turner

The Model 7 log turner is available in both a turn up and a turn down version. The mast of the turn up version is angled away from the carriage so that the turner will pull out on the bottom of a log or cant. This makes turning a log easier and allows the corner of a cant to swing out while turning, requiring less mast movement and less operator input. Extra heavy construction and a simple design are used throughout the Model 7 in order to keep maintenance and down time to a minimum.

  • Frame constructed of S12 x 31.8 Lb. beam
  • Pivot shaft is 3 7/16” diameter
  • Pivot bearings are one piece urethane sleeve bearings
  • Log turning chain is an extra heavy version of Rc160
  • Log turning chain is direct driven by a planetary gearbox with a plug in hydraulic motor
  • The chain take-up is enclosed in the turner mast to prevent damage
  • The side and bottom chain wear plates are replaceable


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The Model 7 is pivoted on a 3-7/16" diameter shaft with urethane sleeve bearings.
The log turning chain is direct driven by a planetary gearbox with plug in hydraulic motor.
Model 7 with turn up mast and chain
Model 7 with turn down mast and chain

Main System Components

Frame:S12 X 31.8 beam
Mast:(2) 3/4" flame cut plates
Pivot Shaft:3-7/16" diameter
Pivot Bearings:(2) urethane sleeve bearings
Cylinders:(2) 2" Bore x 14" stroke, 3000 psi rated hydraulic cylinders
Turning Chain:RC160 SU "Super Ultimate" roller chain
Drive:Planetary gearbox, 2-1/4" output shaft, direct coupled to hydraulic motor
Drive Sprocket:H160R22 with R2 2-1/4" bushing
Turning Lugs:1-1/4" x 1-1/2" cold finish bar with AR 235 wear surface
Turn up chain:(8) turn up lugs
Turn down chain:(1) turn down lug and (5) turn up lugs
Hydraulic Requirements:18 gpm@1250 psi minimum, 25 gpm@1500 psi recommended
Control Option:Manually operated control stick
Control Option:Electric joystick controller
Control Option:Hydraulic pilot joystick controller
Weight:1900 lbs.
Log Turner Model 7