Tilt Hoists

Tilt Hoist - 15 Ton

The Mellott 15 ton Tilt Hoists are designed to unstack stickered packages of lumber. The standard machine is designed for 72" high x 96" wide x 16' long packages. Shorter columns and forks are available for smaller packages.

Very heavy construction and a simple design are used throughout the Tilt Hoists in order to keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

  • Base frame constructed in two pieces so that the forks can be assembled on the tilt hoist for shipping
  • The steel columns are welded to a pivot tube at the bottom and a 3" square tube at the top to tie all the columns together for extra strength
  • Lift cylinders are 5" Bore 3000 psi rated cushioned hydraulic cylinder with (2) heavy RC240 XDO roller chains
  • Lift Cylinders are guarded to prevent damage to lift cylinders and kiln sticks
  • Heavy leaf chain used in a "x" arrangement for load leveling
  • Dual 5" Bore tilt cylinders are 3000 psi rated cushioned hydraulic cylinders
  • Chain attachments use standard connecting links
  • Cylinder arms are thick flame cut arms that completely wrap the pivot tube
  • Steel rollers used in all of the forks in order to distribute the load to all of the columns
  • Optional conveyors include: Infeed decks, outfeed conveyors, stick removal conveyors and stick stacking systems. Combined, these conveyors make a reliable, heavy duty tilt hoist system.
15 Ton Tilt Hoist Brochure
We have an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to customize our products and to design systems in order to provide the best options for your application. Email or call 717-369-3125 to speak with us.

Main Product Components

Base Frame:S12 X 31.8 beam
Pivot Bearings:Type "E" 3-7/16"
Pivot Tube:16" Diameter
Columns:10" x 3" x 1/4" Wall Tubing
Forks:8" x 4" x 1/4" Wall Tubing
Tilt Cylinders:(2) 5" x 30" Steel Hydraulic, 3000 PSI
Lift Cylinders:(2) 5" x 39" Steel Hydraulic, 3000 PSI
Lift Chains:(2) RC240 XDO Roller Chains
Leveling Chains:(2) BL1423 Leaf Chains
Tilt Angle:45 Degrees
Fork Spacing:
3 Arm:72", 72"
4 Arm:54", 36", 54"
5 Arm:24", 24", 36", 60"
Package Size:72" High x 96" Wide x 18 ft. Maximum
Package Weight:15 Ton Maximum
Hydraulic Requirements:40 HP, 34 GPM, Pressure Compensated @ 2000 psi
15 Ton Tilt Hoist
15 Ton Tilt Hoist with Infeed Package Deck and Stick Removal Belt Conveyor
Tilt Hoist to Outfeed Deck and Unscrambler with Singulator
Unscrambler with Singulator System
15 Ton Tilt Hoist
MELLOTT Heavy Duty 15 Ton Tilt Hoist - in operation at Ball Lumber Co., Millers Tavern, VA
MELLOTT - 15 Ton Tilt Hoist with Stick Stacking System

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