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Mellott Manufacturing offers a full line of standard and heavy duty Vibrating Conveyors. These conveyors are used for multiple mill applications, from simple transfer conveyors, to severe duty sawdust screen chipper infeed units.

The conveyors are available in a variety of pan sizes and lengths. Mellott conveyors may also be sized to fit the customer's specific applications, with pan sizes from 12" up to 16 ft. wide vibrating tables. We offer a metal detector used with a fiberglass section for improved chip quality.



We have an onsite engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to provide the best options for your specific application.

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Heavy Duty Straight Side Vibrating Conveyor
18 Ft. Heavy Duty Sawdust Screen Section with Spout
Mellott Standard Duty Vibrating Conveyor with Electric Drive
Mellott Heavy Duty Vibrating Conveyor with Hydraulic Drive
Mellott Vibrating Table - Drive Section
Mellott Vibrating Table - Side View
Mellott Offers Custom Designed Support Steel

Main System Components

Pan Material:Formed 1/4" Steel Trough, Flared 45 Degrees
Bottom Width:19"
Top Width:25-1/4"
Trough Depth:4"
Drive Options - 1.3 HP PER 10 FT:5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP or Hydraulic Drive
Pan Material:Formed 1/4" Steel Trough, Straight or Flared 45 Degrees
Bottom Width:24" or 30"
Top Width:29-13/16" or 35-13/16
Trough Depth:8"
Drive Options - 2 HP per 10 Ft.:5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP or Hydraulic Drive
Note:(Maximum 70 ft. per Drive)


Fiberglass Section:60" Lg. NOLCO Fiberglass made by MDI
MDI Metal Detector:MP-2000 Series MP24-S or MP30-S Digital Metal Detector System
Vibrating Conveyor Options