Log Turners

Model 8 Log Turner

The Mellott Model 8 log turner is capable of turning both up and down. The mast of the turner is constructed of 1/2” flame cut plates and has two heavy rubber down stops to extend the life of the cylinders. Heavy construction and a simple design are used throughout the Model 8 in order to keep maintenance and down time to a minimum.

  • Frame constructed of C10 X 15.3 Lb. channel
  • Pivot shaft is 2 7/16” diameter
  • Pivot bearings are spherical roller bearings
  • Pivot bearings have cast steel housings
  • The Log turning chain is Rc140
  • The Log turning chain is direct driven by a Eaton 6000 series hydraulic motor
  • The side and bottom chain wear plates are replaceable
  • The turner has dual cylinders to reduce twisting strain of the mast
Print / View Model 8 Log Turner - Extended Mast (replacement for Mellott Model 5) Brochure
Print / View Model 8 Log Turner - Short Mast Brochure
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Model 8 Log Turner Extended Mast Dimensions (designed to replace the Mellott Model 5)
Opitonal Hand Control Valve on Stand

Main Product Components

Frame:C10 X15.3 channel
Mast:(2) 1/2" flame cut plates
Pivot Shaft:2-7/16" diameter
Cylinders:(2) 2" bore x 14" stroke, 2500 psi rated hydraulic cylinders
Turning Chain:RC140 Riveted Chain Assemblies with Attachements
Drive:Easton 6,000 Series hydraulic motor
Drive sprocket:H140R18 with R1 2-7/16" bushing
Turning Lug:1" flame cut bar with A.R. 235 wear surface
Hydraulic Requirements:18 fpm@1250 psi minimum, 22 gpm@1500 psi recommended
Control Option:Manually operated control stick
Control Option:Electric joystick controller
Control Option:Hydraulic pilot joystick controller
Weight:900 lbs.
Model 8 Log Turner (Short Mast) Dimensions
Model 8 Log Turner